Pete and I spent a couple days on the Rim and had some success getting into some fish. We must have been right behind the hatchery truck because we were catching an insane amount of rubbery stockers at most of the road crossings. Catching stockers is enjoyable but not my favorite thing in the world; so we moved farther upstream and found several ideal holes where several larger fish were lurking. Gorgeous weather greeted us in the mornings, but both days saw ominous thunderheads rolling over the Rim in the late afternoon. The name of the game was the simi-seal leeches drifted deep under an indicator. I really like using simi-seal because it is so colorful and catches the light really well. This product is also extremely efficient so I can knock out tons of these leeches in a short amount of time. In the end, the new water we fished was very promising and I look forward to getting back up there and going much further upstream to see what this unique stream holds.