Stream-side Coffee

First Cast

Saturday evening, I had a fantastic evening with friends at their beautiful cabin below the Rim. With my belly full of elk spaghetti and homegrown salad, the rain on my tent lulled me to sleep and I woke early and refreshed to fish a fairly popular Rim stream. I had halfheartedly fished a portion of this stream earlier this summer and had made a mental note to spend some quality time throwing my line to the brown trout that fill its water. After some hot coffee and EasyMac for a stream-side breakfast, I softly walked to the edge of the stream and dapped my mini-hopper on the water and was pleasantly surprised to find a healthy young brown trout on the end of my line.

Another willing friend...

The rest of the morning proceeded in like fashion and aside from spooking several of the resident monster browns, I had an extremely nice day with many fish to the net. Even though I saw a weak BWO hatch on the water, I stuck with a yellow mini-hopper as it continued to produce in pool after pool. Around 9 or 10, I spotted some fluttering caddis on the foliage around the stream and figured that these insects could have been the reason for my success. The stream bank was also loaded with wild mint plants that gave of a fresh and pleasant aroma throughout the entire day.


At the end of the day, after I have struggled to take of my soaking wet neoprene booties to reveal stark white feet, after I break down the rod, after I roll down the windows and turn up the country music, I smile and know that on Wednesday, when the week seems to have no end, I can reach back in my minds eye and put myself knee deep in the stream. Those snapshots while I’m fishing keep life in perspective and I welcome all of the unexpected pleasures that seem to happen while I’m in the field. I just hope and pray that these waters will still be here to keep me sane in the years to come.

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