The Cleanup Popper

Disclaimer: This fly has not been field tested so I lay no claims to its durability or effectiveness. On the other hand, if it catches fish, I gladly welcome all credit.

Even though I have not been tying for that long, I still have an inordinate amount of material stuffed into any nook and cranny of my hunting room. Accompanying my wife to the craft store has been my undoing as I go straight to the foam, beads, and feathers and as a result I have gobs of different colors of foam and feathers. I have essentially put myself on hold from buying any more tying products unless they are the essentials. I have never been able to bring myself to buy the little foam bodies for bass poppers and have always looked for a way to use some other item around the house. In my wanderings on line I saw foam being used in quite a few different ways and borrowed a couple of ideas and came up with the following fly. It incorporates quite a bit of the odds and ends on the tying table hence the name “Ben’s Cleanup Fly.”

3/8"X2" foam on a #8 long shank streamer hook (I am sure a bass hook would really do the trick.)

Pierce foam onto hook

3/0 thread and what is nice is the foam can spin freely as you wind on thread and material

Tie in tail material. I have marabou, stretchy legs, flash and more marabou tied in there and started adding a drop of super glue to keep everything secure.

Whatever chenille or dubbing can be added in for a mid section.

The Fold...

This is where the 3/0 thread comes in handy...

Legs and a whip finish will do the trick...

Enjoy. Let me know how it works for you and any thoughts you have on it.