Eric Davis with Hooked Up Films

Several months ago, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Eric Davis from Hooked Up Films who had found me through the Outdoor Blogger Network. Eric hails from Bend, Oregon and was going to be in town for the Thanksgiving weekend. While here, he hoped to sample some of the local Arizona stream fishing which has been lights out all summer and fall. A long story short, all the arrangements were made and we were zipping up the Bee-line Highway headed for the Mogollon Rim early Saturday morning. Stepping out of the truck at 8:30, we were greeted by a frosty 28º as the sun was slowly peaking over the canyon walls. With high hopes, we decided to hike downstream and work our way back up to the truck. Keeping with tradition, I stopped at one particular run on my way downstream which always holds a few nice browns. As I eased line out for my three weight, I laid the dry/dropper just on the edge of a seam and was rewarded with a hard fighting 13 inch brown. As I released the fish, I was excited to see what the rest of the day would hold and anticipated a fish-filled day ahead for my visitor and myself.


Unfortunately, the day seemed hexed from the “first fish, first hole” curse and there was a significant amount of fishing before any more catching was to be done. The fall bite seemed to be over and the cold weather and water kept fish stacked on the bottom of deep slow pools, unwilling to move for anything. As the sun started to reach the west walls of the canyon, tiny midges and BWOs brought several fish to the surface and we were able to bring a couple small fish to hand. Overall, I was disappointed with the catch rate, but any day on the water with a friend is a good day.

Small Brown

Eric Davis is a quality individual and really knew his way around all small stream. His website, Hooked Up Films, focuses on the diversity that Oregon’s water has to offer and really deserves a quality look-over. I look forward to making my way up to the Northwest to investigate all that it has to offer. I think the quality fishing on the Rim is mostly over for the winter, although I am sure I will head up a few more times to flog the water.


* Note: Eric has a real talent for videography and will be putting some of the footage together to showcase a small taste of what Arizona has to offer. Stay tuned for the final product due out in a few weeks. Thanks again to Eric for making the trip down and for the good time spent on the water.