Appropriately decorated...

A friend once told me that if you’re not losing flies you’re not casting in the right spots. For the most part he was right and the fish that were caught this summer came with a price of losing many hand-tied flies. Looking forward to the weather turning towards spring, I have started compiling a box with go-to-flies so that next summer when I am on the road I can steadily refill my creek-side arsenal. I would like to send a belated thanks to some other Arizona fly fishermen, Alex, Aaron, and Kyle, over at Fat Guy Fly Fishing for the perfect fly fishing art with which to adorn the front of my fly box.

The Box

The flies I have been stockpiling are bugs that have consistently produced here in Arizona and even back on the Adirondack streams of New York. Quick run down of what I have tied:

1. The mini-hopper (green, brown, and orange)

2. Sparkle Parachute

3. Parachute Adams

4. My version of an Ausable Parachute

5. My take on the Hopper Juan

All great flies, which are fun to tie and fish. Anyone else started their bulk winter tying?

An assortment of floating colors