Brown Simi Seal Bugger

The Simi Seal Bugger is an effective fly that works well when nothing else seems to pick up fish. I will fish it many different ways but usually deep in a hole beneath an indicator for trout or on a lake, I like to strip the fly and induce the strike of bass. One of the aspects I really like about this fly is the Simi Seal. Simi Seal is a mix of natural and synthetic materials that blended together becomes an extraordinary dubbing material. I like to tie this fly using a marabou tail and I like to weight them heavily so they sink quickly. As the photos demonstrate, the sloppier you tie this bug the better it looks in my opinion. I add legs, substitute different colored beads, and mix and match colors, but in the end I find the straight black or brown patterns to work best.

Black Simi Seal Bugger

Green Simi Seal Bugger

Red Simi Seal Bugger