Hopper Juan

The Hopper Juan is one of the more labor intensive flies that I tie, which usually means that if I get tangled on the other end of the pool I’ll stomp through and retrieve my fly. After the parachute Adams, the Juan was one of those flies that really peaked my interest in tying. The fly was developed by Juan Ramirez and you can find a detailed video or step by step in instructions on his website, the Hopper Juan. This fly is extremely tough and durable and I have never had one fall apart on me yet. Because of the amount of foam and material, this fly is virtually unsinkable and its size make a great indicator fly. Although, I have had far greater success with the Min-hoppers, my box is full of Hopper Juans for the bigger streams and the lakes. I have caught some of my biggest fish on this fly and find tying this fly extremely rewarding.

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